Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summer is here

After a good aggressive loop race last night, I woke myself up nice and early this morning to ride out to Manotick to meet up with Keir for a nice long pre-work ride. Nothing starts your day off right like 100km with a few hard 5 minute efforts in the sun. Needless to say, my form seems to be coming along nicely. I am feeling very comfortable with any distances encountered so far and my speed seems to be coming along nicely. Which is reassuring with Tour of Somerville this weekend, followed by the Charlevoix stage race in Quebec the next weekend, then one final weekend here in Canada before taking off to Europe. Exciting times. At the same time, its time to continue to ramp up the training to prepare myself for this adventure. Tomorrow is looking like another gorgeous day so I will be attempting to cut out of work early to get in a few hours with Erik L on the bike before heading to my second tt of the year. With my motivation high, due to a "prime" offered by my team manager for any team rider to beat him and a burger on the line from a co-worker, I will have to make sure to keep the miles pre-tt at a easy pace. Needless to say, I am pumped for this weekend, but not yet nervous. But that is fairly typical for me, I probably won't realize what I've signed up for until my warm-up or perhaps while lining up of the start line. Other than that, I must complete some baking in time for the weekend in order to have some nice fresh food to eat while racing, I have become somewhat accustomed to fresh baked goods while riding lately ;) I'll try to update soon with info on many bets on the line for the tt and hopefully someone will post pictures from Niagara Classic soon... Ciao

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