Sunday, May 27, 2007

Harsh lessons in New Jersey

So Pro crit racing in the states is fast. Like really fast. Add that to some serious smog and some seriously hot and humid temperatures (which my body has definitely not adapted too yet) and you get Sandy getting blown off the back. Didn't even last half way. But to be fair, I'm a little upset, I know I could have suffered a little longer. I let myself get mentally beat before I even started, I wasn't in the race. But, lesson learned, and time for vengeance tomorrow in an even tougher crit, the NRC Tour of Somervile. Even faster, even more guys chasing that finish line. There where 125 guys today, 220 tomorrow. Yes 220 guys in a crit, thats a bloody field. If only the weather could cool down a bit... In the end, one member of our team finished, tough little Steve-o. The guy road himself stupid. He was so out of it, he started asking for a feed/bottle at about halfway before realizing how hard it would be let alone not aloud at 60km/h. Oh well, time to take the lessons learned and fight for some wheels.

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