Friday, May 25, 2007

Time for the first jump into the deep end

So, I am actually packing the day before a race. This is quite unusual, though to be fair, the races this weekend are not my "usual" either. Bookbound Criterium on Sunday and the NRC Tour of Somerville on Monday. These represent my first jump to the rung of "professional" racing in North America. Now I use that term loosely, but maybe I'll refer to it as a race that will be covered in VeloNews. Needless to say, after a hard week of training, I have now spent a decent portion of time mentally preparing, and now packing and making sure everything is working perfect. Nothing helps calm my mind down like polishing my bike and going through all my mental lists. New bar tape, fresh rubber, and some swanky new ceramic bearings in my Ksyriums. Kick ass, now all thats left is to ride fast and suffer like Kiwi climbing Fortune. Hopefully my legs co-operate and the trip goes well, I'll try to update from the road for this our first real big team trip. Thanks to Gary at Ottawa Honda for the sweet minivan for the drive and some gas $$. Gonna be a helluva weekend. And to top it off, I've booked myself for a massage with DeVeer on Wednesday morning to "flush out the legs". Wicked sweet. Off to pack more and double check...

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