Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Jewsy

So we have arrived safely here in New Jersey. A little less than 7 hours after leaving O-dot, we have arrived here in the land of humorous Italian accents. Although I have let to hear a Sopranos style accent, I'm sure they're coming. After John came by with our pimp mini van, we loaded 4 bikes and 5 pairs of wheels into Phillipe's little Toyota Yaris, pretty damn impressive I must say. After packing ourselves into our respective vehicles, we hit the road and cruised down here. With only one gas/food/photo stop, we entertained ourselves with bike mags, movies (on the van's built in DVD player) and making fun of each other. After arriving and settling into a incredible hotel "suite" with 2 bedrooms/bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Sweet. A quick spin of the legs and dinner in preparing as we speak. With a former baker as our team leader, we are eating like kings and learning all the tricks of the bike racing trade. All the little tricks you don't think of, I just learned that you should always get race organizers to cash you prize check at the race site if possible to avoid having to explain to the lovely border guard folk how you where making money in the states and therefore an illegal alien. Shit, never would have thought of that until my strip search and finger printing. I'm off to eat and prepare for our first race tomorrow, I'll update as stuff comes. Ciao

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