Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The weather gods hate me

Seriously, it has been raining everywhere I go for the last 3 weeks. Nay, pouring. And on the 2 days it didn't rain we had bloody hurricane winds. My tan is disappearing faster than a cold beer at a AA meeting. We waited all day yesterday to ride (one of the benefits of being a full time cyclist and only having a recovery spin on the ride sched) with promises from that coked up moron at the weather network of a clear afternoon. If I ever meet a real weather forecaster, it will be hard to not simply clock him. I know he just reads the tele-prompter, but still. In the end the rain managed to lightly subside (never quite fully) for approximately 1.5 hours. We rode for about 2. Spun down the paths to Granby to check out the woman's Tour de Grand Montreal. Cool beans. Opted out of the evening race as I was really not feeling all that much bounce in my step nor excitement at a "open" crit in the rain. On the plus side, with all this sit around waiting rain to stop time on my hands, I have become very adept at the espresso machine, cranking out cappuccinos and machiattos by the dozen. Today will be a slightly longer ride with some hills, and I have simply given up on staying dry. The hard rain seems to have subsided so it is probably a good time. I figure a back road spin down towards Sutton is in order, then some climb exploration. The time to be careful is here too, sickness is in the air. Everyone is fit, and the weather is bad. We have 2 house members currently wandering around with sore throats and 1 week until Beauce. I think I'm gonna go buy several tons of ginger and garlic.

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Anonymous said...

honey! Honey and natural PB.
I use to get sick all the time.
I take honey (all natural) everyday. Hardly ever get sick now (knock on wood).