Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

By this logic, this post should have taken me several hours to compose. Luckily, I'm better than that.

Service course EVA-Devinci. / Pimp notre char. Please note the chromed rims.

That is one hot bike. / That is a dirty Sandy. White shorts get ruined quick.

Today is back into the grove of things. Yesterday was pretty much a write off in terms of anything productive. Unless you count groceries (spent way too much) and xbox. Oh, and naps. The internet was down as well for our recovery day, which was fun, but we're back online here now. Today will involve getting back on the bike. There is a race tonight, but I'm not sure sure yet whether I'll make my way to it. We'll see whats up with the threats of more rain. And whether I get my bike cleaned from the weekend's wet and wild escapades. First, a second coffee is in order.


Anonymous said...

Bike shorts should all be dirt coloured. This designer recommends grey or if you must then orange for next year. Meanwhile I am stocking up on more Zero.

Anonymous said...

yah, why white?
These guys that design no bike or something?

bike + sweat + grim = dirty shorts.
Brown is best. Can poop in pants if need arises...

I was talking with someone who saw the tour. He said as the tour goes by it smells like shit!
(no doubt some of them sht their pants! no time to stop!)

funniest thing I have ever saw - was on a 4 day staged race. Came across a buddy of mine who is one of the best bikers I know... anyhow, there he was in a ditch taking a sht. I guess he ate something the day before and got the shts. Every 1/2 or so he was shtting.
Funny thing was, he still came in the top 20! (out of 600 riders)

Anonymous said...

Hope no one shook his hands after to congratulate him .. LOL yakk

Anonymous said...

You look like you have a couple of extra lbs to lug up megantic.

sandyf said...

i'm already at work on that. I've removed much of the hair from the top of my head, but i've still left the party in back....