Tuesday, June 17, 2008


That will be my business for the next week or so. Hopefully pull a few good races out. On the other hand, I'm pretty rested right now. I think a couple days off the bike were just what I needed. Couple days hanging out in and around cottages with some good friends have left me much more refreshed and helped out in the motivation. Managed to sneak out to the Preston St. Italian Festival crit on Sunday. Didn't go quite as well as hoped with torrential rain and some seriosuly slippery and slidy surfaces. After a few delays we got underway, I missed my pedal on the line and quickly fell back in the pack with a fast start. Lost my nerve in the corners on the first 2 corners after sliding through and then spent the rest of the day riding hard through the straight aways and then riding like a corner phobic school child through the bends. Oh well, good to get a little intensity in before this week. Time to hop back in the car for the week to see the boys and hopefully win some cash. Probably some more regular blog posting again.

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