Wednesday, June 18, 2008


No more internet at the house. We must get more interesting in our attempts to be not totally uninvolved with society. First Lachine is in the books. A good hard ride, think my legs are starting to come around. We averaged 49.8km for the 50km race. Not too shabby for sure. Not nearly as sketchy as I had been warned, even in my poor position of near tail gunner. I put no presssure on myself just wanting to ride safe, survive and get a bit of speed in my legs to be good to go for the Coupe de la Paix starting today. Symmetrics did a wicked leadout for their made Zach Bell starting with about 10 to go and needless to say blew the race apart. In the end about 15 guys seemed to be in the final group sprinting. Our man Guillaume came 4th. I pulled the plug with about 4-5 laps to go after gaps began to open to quickly for me to close them. Never really dug super deep but I am now ready and confident for today. It's time to burn some matches. Went out for a quick spin this morning as the race today is not until 7pm again. Tomorrow's is at 10am however so I'll be staying with Guillaume at his place in Montreal. Let's hope the sun I see now will hold out through the evening.

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