Monday, June 23, 2008

1 to go

Bit of a mixed up day today. Didn't sleep well at all last night, woke up to more rain, and packed our gear for another crit. Pretty cool and tough course, so I was kind of pumped. Got to the race and discovered that I still had no front derailleur. The team didn't have one kicking around, so I scrambled a bit but came up empty. Decided against wasting energy being angry so grabbed a chair and settled myself into a prime spot on the climb to cheer on the boys. A rest day should do me good. Still one more to go after all. Got home, made up some nice curry chicken and am now chilling out a bit. We are looking to maybe pass on the St-Jean Baptiste day festivities with a race tomorrow and most of us a little tired. Consensus seems to be a few beers (I think its law in Quebec that you must at least drink on this day) and play poker. At least the rain has cleared into a nice evening. Life is so exciting. Now a week to train my butt off slash maybe taper a bit then Nationals. Summer is just flying by...

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