Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some times...

Seriously, it really should not be so hard to hold 2 wheels in a straight line. How about not freaking out at the slightest possibility of a touch of bodies? That would be nice, but probably will never happen for many. And most of those riders seemed to be out at today's crit. A short 4 corner course with plenty of holes and bumps, but mostly should have been quite easy. Turn right or go straight. My legs had no jump in them whatso ever. On the plus side my form appears to be good enough to just sit in and roll when I feel like crap. Settled myself in avoiding crashes and trying to move up until I touched elbows with a fellow in corner 1. Litterally the slightest brush, and next thing I knew he was going down and his bike was hitting me. A lot of bad noises behind me so I hopped the curb and a large piece of yellow concrete, cyclo-crossed my way through a front yard and some fans before beginning my chase. After about a minute of adrenaline filled chase, I realized that I was probably due a free lap. Pulled in, got the ok and set myself up to jump back in. I jumped, but my bike did not. The front derailleur gave way into about a billion pieces and the chain imploded as well. Sweet. At least I was still in one piece. Mavic set me up with the Opus spare bike (size S) and I hopped back in. Unfortunately, this also seemed to be the precise moment when Rollin decided to give it a go so I needed up sprinting onto his wheel and into a break. Small bikes are sketchy in corners, but luckily we got caught before I fell down. Rode for a bit but my back was dieing on this midget bike so I pulled the plug. Probably a good thing as the crashes came fast and furious just after that. Tomorrow will be a better day. I can feel it. Now I'm hungry.

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