Friday, June 6, 2008

General ramblings of a cyclist

Breakfast of champions right here.

On the other hand, its raining again. We had one day of cloud and no rain to mock me, now its back. Not to mention that apparently its gonna be ridiculously humid and ridiculous to go with it. On the plus side, the long term weather apparently looks decent for Beauce (knock on wood)... Wednesday turned out to be a good training day, I got wet and muddy by really don't care anymore. Did a nice ride to Sutton with some tempo climbing in the middle up and down Sutton through some thick fog and muddy construction. Yesterday was a chilled out tt ride on the bike paths out to Granby. Had to stop by the bike shop anyways for some chamois cream in advance of next week. Feeling pretty ridiculously good on my tt bike at the moment. Given, didn't really push all that hard.. but damn that bike feels good. Today will provide me with one more day of intensity before resting up completely for Beauce. I'm getting excited to get going already. In the mean time, plenty of time spent with the legs in the air either watching movies or playing x-box. More time with movies for this author as my video game skills are slightly lacking. Plus team sickness plays a lot of xbox. Soon to come, haircut pictures (Charly bought some clippers), and photos of the new kits..... ooooooohhhhhh

Here at EVA, we piss excellence.

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