Saturday, June 7, 2008

I know I complain a little...

My morning. Cappuccino, water, tools & shade.

Especially about the weather, but damn. One day its 10 degrees and pissing rain, suddenly now apparently the sun just burned a hole in the atmosphere directly above Canada. It was therefor 39 degrees for my ride today. On the plus side, my tan has come back quickly. Though even though I drank 5 bidons in 3.5 hours I am pretty sure I lost several pounds of water weight. On the other hand, the cold beer after was possibly the best beer I have ever had. But, I was also pretty sure that the shower I had after was the greatest experience of my life. So my judgment may have been slightly hazed by the heat.
The house is currently full of excitement after dinner with the discovery of some kind of gigantic mutant wasp. JS currently has it trapped in a bowl and there is quite a ruckus going on as to finding a sufficient piece of paper/cardboard to slide under the bowl. The current thought is that the bugger will kill us all, especially JS who is allergic. I, for one, am confident that as a quick runner and individual the furthest from the king kong wasp, that I will not be stung.
In other news, I have overhauled my bike. There were some dirty noises coming from the bb area and I was in need of a new chain and cables after the last round of wet and wild training/racing. Plus I figure pre-Beauce is a good time to make things work top notch. Tomorrow will be a super relaxing out, maxing out kinda day. Quick spin on the tt bike in the morning pre-death heat, perhaps with a stop at Momo for some race sandals. You cyclists know what I'm talking about. then Some tubular gluing and general not moving of the legs.

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