Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crit update

The rain will not stop. Even when it is sunny in the morning, the rain seems to roll in just in time for the race. No matter, life continues. Three down, 3 to go. Finished the first Coupe de la Paix just off the back. Rode a descent race following a few attacks and getting some work in before I had some body issues (should have eaten something perhaps) with about 7 or 8 to go. I started getting kind of dizzy and twitchy and lacked any real power. Not sure quite why I kept going but slowly drifted back to tail-gunner position and stayed there (closing any gaps as needed) until I heard the bell announcing last lap and then sat up. Not a huge pack left but I was in no position to sprint mentally or physically at this point. Stronger than the day before at least. Spent the night at Guillaume's house before heading out nice and early this morning to the 2nd stage at 10:30am. Rain fell in buckets as we arrived and did not let up until a decent way into the race. Needless to say there were a number of crashes. I pretty much spent the first 5-6 laps chasing due to my "awesome" call up to the back row. No matter, I had again a little more in the legs. As soon as it let up a bit I got to the front to do my job to help out Guillaume and Perras. Got in a few breaks (nothing which really stuck for long) and then made a big effort to bring back a 15 or 20 second gap to a very dangerous break we had missed. Effort definitely cost me but helped launch Perras into the winning break. Plus it was good for the head to look back and see the pack strung out single file behind me. Decided to try my hand a bit in the sprint and work on my nerves in a sketchy pack sprint. Fought hard only to finally get elbowed out a bit into the curb in the last corner. Touched the brakes a tad to avoid said curb and that was it. I rolled in with the pack. Still, a good race anyways and my legs are coming along. Not to mention I'm feeling better at the speed and pretty much just riding crits. Tomorrow is most likely a long easy day, then rest Saturday and race again Sun-Tues. Very nice.

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