Monday, January 26, 2009


So instead of spending a solid weekend training and racing some rollers, I instead spent some time in emergency and now sitting around with some bandages. Basically, I stabbed myself with a screwdriver like a champ. Straight into that web stuff between your thumb and pointer finger. And it went deep. So I pulled the Phillips #2 out and proceeded to access the damage, cleaned it out a bit before getting a little light headed from looking INTO my hand. So I called Telehealth Ontario where a nice lady suggested in a serious voice that I make my way to a qualified medical practitioner. She was not convinced that my experienced lifeguard status was enough. So I went to emerg, where another nice nurse made me clean it out again... myself. Now, I gotta run because I have some testing chez Peak Center. I hope I can hold the bar.

Moral of the story: screwdirvers aren't sharp, but when moving fast enough they can puncture you pretty good. Also, the "ideal" place (according to the doctor) to stab your hand is where I did. No muscles, tendons, or nerves there in the webbing stuff.

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Anonymous said...

experienced lifeguard status
-- ah yah don't learn sht doing NLS etc...
The worst thing I had to save, when a lifeguard many many moon years ago... was a bunch of pork chops at the bottom of the pool
(guess some kid threw them in there over night).

Being a lifeguard reminds me of a chicken in the overn. Cooking cooking cooking in the hot sun.
Kinda miss that summer job.
Lots of babes...
Probably too young for me now though :(