Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Grind

Back in Perth, back in class and back to my routine. But with some changes.
1 - Two roomates have moved out, and I have one new replacement one... she is middle aged and doesn't really speak english. I think this will be like a bad sitcom.
2 - There is no snow in Perth. I see grass. This ruins my skiing plans, but I hear 15-20cm are in the forecast so maybe I'll be back supplementing my training on snow again soon.
Otherwise, life rolls on. Classes look pretty sweet, with mostly all shop class. We're building some pretty wicked stuff and doing almost all detail work. So I'm pumped to learn and actually interested enough to attend large percentage of my classes. Riding is going well, rolling away on the rollers, and will begin adding in a little intensity soon on the old turbo. I will only use it for intensity for the simple reason that while on it I am unable to hold less than 170-180 watts because the resistance unit is broken. That and my brain goes to mush. I have also added in some new misery to my riding repertoire with a set of Power Cranks. Its kind of like 1 legged pedaling drills (with both legs) for your entire ride. It wasn't as bad as I thought to learn, though you do feel it more. The good news is last week I tried (and succeeded, barely) for an hour and half ride on them and nearly didn't make it up the stairs out of the basement. Today, 1.5 hours... pfft. No worries. They're certainly pretty bad ass.
I also promised a team update for next season, so for anyone who has not heard it verbally from me yet: I'm hopping the pond once again. More specifically down to the south of France, in Nice for the season. Hop a jet in early May, settle into a new pad and race my face off until September. Sprinter Club de Nice, here I come. Bananas. Helping me out will be Stevens bikes once again of Germany (see Vince at the Cyclery if you want to match me). Big ups. With that being said, I'll start off my season with some early season races under the Cyclery banner flying the blues through April and early May. For now if anyone wants (or knows anyone looking for) a EVA-Devinci team bike (size large) or a 55cm Javelin Torgiano framset... you contact me. Please.

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attack attack attack said...

congrats on the new team Sandy. New country new Language. All the best in 2009.