Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I land in Nice, France May 4th. Wicked. Need some motivation to up it? Book a plane ticket. That will light a fire under your butt. Testing was about where expected (not super) but with a pleasant surprise in my lactate tolerance. It would seem my body is better at dealing with it, but more importantly I associate a lot of the pain tolerance with mental freshness. That is good.


attack attack attack said...

How is your hand holding up from oopsie with the screwdriver. Congrats on Riding for a team in France!!!

Anonymous said...

I did a test at the Peak center. The student told me to stop when I wanted to... so I did.
I didn't realize he wanted me to go into the next zone.
Dooohhh 180 bucks wasted.

France. Carribean baby! Think hot hot hot chickettas!