Monday, January 12, 2009


So apparently the reason I was sick last week is strep throat. The moral of the story is, if you are sick for a while, but only your throat hurts (generally like you're swallowing steel wool) then go see a doctor. I probably could have salvaged a day or two in there somewhere, but either way. I'm on some anti-biotics now and feel mildly better. Went out for a roller riding morning with the Wheelers on Saturday morning, great time if you are free from 9am to 11am by the way, and had a great time considering my energy levels and throat pain. Thanks to John L. for getting me out. Plus could be good in fine tuning that form for this year's roller racing. Check the West of Quebec Wheeler's page for more info on that. Or I'll post some soon. Otherwise, gonna try another easy spin tonight to get back into the grove. Keep it real.

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Anonymous said...

you still biking out there?

love it when i hear of others biking out there. Cause there aren't many of us bitches.