Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome to Canada

Welcome to Ottawa, Canada. Current operating tempurature of -28 Celsius (or -18.4 F) for our American friends). But no worries, we are Canadians. I have still been hearing snowmobiles outside (I am in Perth after all) through the evening. Though that may just be cause their cars won't start or they are too drunk to drive their cars. Maybe a mix of both. On the plus side, its not even cold today! CBC weather has just informed me of a high of -34 C tomorrow evening! Hurray! Just when I find some good ski tracks around here.... back on the rollers. Time got away a little today, so just stuck with a little strength and core work but back on the bike tomorrow. The strep in my throat feels loads better at least, so the pills I got seem to be doing the trick (last one tomorrow). I may have even found a little local ski race around here for fun coming up. I wonder if I can shuffle my ski quick for 20km still??? Its been a few years since my last efforts on the the suffering sticks...

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Anonymous said...

Get your ass on your bike!!!
It ain't all that bad. Okay, maybe it is... I have frost bite on my hand and ear.
Pawls are sticking so is the rear der'l.
I have 48k a day to ride in this stuff. The crap weather is when all this stuff melts and the road crud gets bad.

they are too drunk to drive their cars
--> I grew up (high school) in Manotik... Yah don't want to be out there at night. In a vehicle or ski-do. Lots of drunks. Drunks with 306s. (know of a couple of fellas that use to get loaded then went out hunting for deer etc... at 1 in the morning for the fun of it).