Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to ride a tt. by Sandy

I don't know. The end.
I will attempt an in depth research project tonight in which I ride a 15km tt (with my SRM) to attempt to figure it out. I expect some serious pain, but such is the game with science. Now if only summer would start and the rain end.
In other news, there are way too many sketch bags at Lachine on Tuesday nights. Someone needs to do something about that.


Anonymous said...

how to ride a tt. by someone who sucks just a bit more than you.

don't. avoid all stage races that have one. unless the tt goes uphill.

see you tonight.

Anonymous said...

Go see Paul Datar! Or Mike Nash!

They know the power.

Friggen incredible power.

I think Mike pulls out over 400W on average and does the OBC TT at 45km/h! Friggen power the boy does.

Anonymous said...

Use Viagra .. it gives you 40% more power ... but warn the women to stay away from you :P