Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The story

Sorry for the lack of posting for the last bit. Been taking some rest time before cranking the season back up to come in strong for the remainder again. Its time to get rolling aggressive and improve on the early part's mistakes. As for the OBC GP, I'm not going to say much but basically I missed my start. First time ever I've done that. I think I was just not fully paying attention probably as it was a local race I thought I knew and was overly comfortable with. I got myself over with plenty of time to the "start/finish" banner and rolled around in little circles around there chatting with other riders and generally getting my mental prep on. After a bit, I started to wonder why the race wasn't starting. Finally someone yelled at me that the race was starting... about a 1km up the road. I sprinted up through groups only to find that my group was long gone and the Juniors were about to start. I got into gear and took off up the road. Chased and chased eventually bringing the gap from about 5 minutes down to 2 minutes before coming back towards Fortune again and being caught by the Junior pack just before. Mentally toast and not super happy to be rolling in this pack I pulled the plug a little later. Nothing else to be done, I took the rest of the weekend as planned as some recovery time away from the bike. That part was pretty good. Nothing like some mid season down time to recharge. Today will be back on the bike as I head back to Montreal for a good old Lachine. Not ideal rest time, but I am a little pumped to race and to make some legs hurt again.


Anonymous said...

looks like you had a partner coming down as well...

not the only one missing the start.

Damn sportstat.ca screwed up on my times. I'm posted as dead last! With an average speed of leisure pace.

Its a good damn thing I don't do this for a living or I'd be pissed.
(tried to get the invalid entry removed until we verify the stats... only makes sense to do so).

Damn, maybe I had someone else's chip on my bike?
I came in with a pack of 8 people, yet the stats said I came in alone.
Damn strange.
Race organizer said that some of the stats are messed up. Hang loose.
Yah but, it looks as though I went to the race to have a family gathering... they should remove the invalid entry from the list of stats at least.

So, not the only one that had a bad day. I actually had a good time until this mess up happened.
total piss off cause I should be in around 20th out of around 70 riders. But, listed dead last.

Anonymous said...

You shoulda just turned around, gone around the timing sensors (went on the grass) and then waited for the field by Penguin....that's what I...uhm...I mean thats what a friend did when he missed that stupid start last year.

Anonymous said...

hehe... good one! I'm gonna try that next year!

I guess another would be - to do the northern loop with the group... then cut out before fortune climb... head down meech road and wait for everyone prior to the feed line. Everyone is so busy, who would really notice.
Man, would you kick butt!

just a thought. I wouldn't have the "gutts" to do it (to honest).
would beat out those that do steriods and such or train for hours and hours on end...