Saturday, July 5, 2008

A photo update

Overall a pretty good day for a pre-race day. Got up and headed where you always go at a bike race if you want to find someone.... the closest coffee shop. In this case, the Van Houte downstairs. Convenient. Had a little breakfast and some coffee with a few of the good old boys before heading back up to the room for the final 45km of the first stage in le Tour. A quick grocery store run and some lunch and then out for a nice spin. Did a spin of the course (more to follow on that monkey of a course) before heading up to check out the woman's race and then back down for another lap of our course. A little less than 2 hours pretty easy in the end, though I did try to put a little gas down on the climb to get a better feel for it the second time. Little bit of an issue when I got home looking for a shower and a nap as apparently we had been changed rooms and no one had bothered to tell me. Spend a while getting pissed off trying to find my crap and where I am now to live before finally finding it. Such is life. Now back to the course. 10km with a 1.5km finishing climb leading into a few kms of windy rollers at the top before dropping back down through some curves into a bumpy (and certainly sketch) run in to the climb again.

Near the bottom of the climb... The pain is already underway by here after the certainly volatile fight for positions leading up to this.

Looking down the climb. The truck parked there is the start finish. Nice little false flat over the top behind me before swinging right onto some rollers.

The start of the descent back into the downtown means one thing... speed and the climb. Again.


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