Thursday, July 17, 2008

&#^%$ dopers

I think when I stop riding I will apply for a new job title with the UCI. I'm not yet sure of the title I will put on my business cards, but the general idea is that I will wonder around with a baseball bat or other such weapon (maybe I'll change weapons daily kinda like Rock Racing and their kits) and smoke any dopers in the baby maker as soon as they cross the finish line. Picture it, Ricco crosses the line, arms in the arm, little tear rolling down his cobra face.... then wham. He is on the ground, clutching his nether regions as his bike ghost rides along. I would then continue along my way signing autographs and posing for pictures with all the pretty girls as journalists come up with clever titles to send to cycling news.
At very least, its time for me to start riding again. I have some anger to ride off. Plus I need to get fast. Today should hold a nice hard day on the bike, complete with some Doper's Suck socks to show my displeasure. Perhaps an afternoon nap before heading back into Telus to voice some more displeasure.

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Anonymous said...

Reading an interesting article - The Discover magazine "The Body" Summer 2008 edition. Can pretty much pick it up anywhere.

Anyhow, it states - "a recent poll states that most athletes would take a drug to enhance performance, even if it means death"

I've seen steriod use during my gym days. People getting big like bulls... why, I'm not sure. Guess they really like attraction or something. They all pay for it later on as their kidneys and such break down. Something has to give. Only so much abuse the body can take.

Heck, look at Floyd. Met his parents. They are menonites. Lived off the land on some country farm most of thier life. Not as though Floyd came from some big dope smoking family or something.
Both his parents look like hansel and gretel. An image off some old farm picture...

I think, once at the top... all fall victim to scandals. It happens in big business (heck, look at all the white collar crime that took place over the past 10 years). Most don't say - I want to get to the top to cheat. Most, I take it, come in honest (I hope) with good intentions. To win and to apply themselves 150%. Then kind of fall victim to the whole thing from pressures (to make money, from coaches, from sponsors...). Its probably the norm. With only the niave, stupid, or careless getting caught.

Heck, this article states that DoD is coming up with super mitocondria! Imagine what they have what we don't know about.

for the sake of being at the top I guess. Everyone wants a piece of the action...