Friday, July 4, 2008




Big ups. Tough course. First 20km was headwind, and mostly up. I held back a lot (probably not the best idea) being worried about cracking myself before the turn-around. I came in anonymously in about 1:01:something so basically about 10 minutes down on Tuft. He's going to the Olympics, so I'll let it go. I had a decent amount left in the tank, but was happy anyways. I need to learn to pace myself and how to simply ride a tt to be in the game. The effort should be good to help prepare me for the road race on Sunday. Some problems in the bike measuring department pre-race, caused me some stress and had my saddle moved back almost 2cm. The crazy commissars still think my bike is illegal even though its on the limit. I used my polite French to allow myself to start anyways. Now just waiting in line for the shower. Oh and my cleat has come loose and is stripped in the shoe. Fun times.

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