Thursday, July 3, 2008

Welcome to Beauce

The rain has stopped, which seems odd considering the last month or so of weather. That is not to say it let up without a fight as it rained quite hard starting this morning until we arrived here mid afternoon. At least it let up for our ride. Settled into the hotel and then saddled up for a spin out on the tt course. Gonna be a tough one fo sho. Not that tt's are ever easy.... pretty much up and down, with potentially some very open and windy sections. Either way, I'm pumped and have no particular pressure on me. I'm hungry to push myself, but other than a few good tt's, I'm no against the clock pro. Le Gouverneur seems to a pretty prime place, a coffee shop downstairs, centrally located in "downtown" Ste-Georges, and of course being next door to Mondo bar doesn't hurt. For now, I'm tired. So bed. But we have internet so I'll be updating you directly on race results. Maybe try to beat that Scott Kelly character in his and updates. Maybe he should track me down so we can grab a beverage. Or I can point him towards Vipond and the bar.

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