Thursday, July 24, 2008

Late breaking news story!

In recent news, Sandy has been seen riding a bicycle with a large smile on his face. A witness was quoted as saying, "I didn't get it. This dork rode by in the pouring rain with a goofy smile on his face. It was &$*+ing wet out". When asked for a comment the accused simply replied, " Rain? Thats some catty wompus shit". When asked for the definition of "catty wompus" we received a laugh and were told to check with Wenzel.
In other news, I am going camping. Enjoy your weekend, I know I'll enjoy mine.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

rain... that's nothing...

look at this bitch of a race:

most people have trouble putting thier shoes on in the morning and whine and complain about being stuck in traffic...

All I can say, mofo... yah gotta try this race!
Its got mud (thick thick stuff)
Its got hords of rain at the top of a volcano (about 5oC)
Its got crocs as you cross an old rail bridge.
Its got hold-ups
Its got killing the bike
Its got killing the body (up at 4am race for 9hrs then eat and do the same for 4 days!)

Then add in what it takes to get there:
a sht load of dough (about 4k in total costs)
training - lots of it
(if you have a job, family, gf... add in all that stress).

It blows your mother f-n head to pieces this race does.

try it.
do it
at least once in your life

I've done it three times
(try a seperation, mom dies the next month, lost house (pretty much on the street)... then put in training and work etc... whaaaa! f-n hard). People who just go to work, sht, eat, sleep have it easy.