Saturday, August 2, 2008

tt and news

I'm in Montreal. Nice place. Spent the afternoon exploring a bit and having a bite to eat before tomorrow's race. It is now raining. Of course. That's what it does in summer here in Canada apparently. The polar ice caps are melting and causing a generalized rain storm to follow me around. I'm over it though. The tt went decent, set a new pb at 20:48 with no real aero gear to speak of and I know I could have gone a little harder too. I have also learned that I like riding tts with my SRM. I found in a couple of sections where I am sure I lost time before or let up a bit I was now able to simply look down and tell myself that I could go harder. Going to have to break out the aero gear for one this year to finally accomplish my goal of sub 20:00. Les Cedres tomorrow so I'm pretty pumped to be racing a race which is not
a) in Lachine &
b) not a crit.
Hell, its 140km race on a (probably) windy & open circuit. Belgian styles. But with French people. And no cobbles. Either way. I'm pumped to throw down a bit. I hope it rains.

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