Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Life is good right now. The legs are starting to feel strong again, and I sit here now watching some rain fall (really not that unusual this summer I guess) with a strong mug of joe and the Olympics on in the background. Like I say, life is good. Spent my evening last night doing what I do every Tuesday.... racing Mardi de Lachine. Needless to say, my motivation was not that high for yet another crit. Not to mention the dead feelings in my legs leading into it. Spent the first half of the race playing tail gunner with a group of boys who were also tired from Mtl-Que. Oddly enough I felt stronger and more comfortable as the race continued. What I had hoped, but not truly expected. I guess we were holding a decent pace as riders were popping off all over the place. THe nice thing about the tail gun position is you don't need to brake in the corners like the middle of the pack. Instead of wasting tons of energy sprinting like a madman and fighting for 800th spot in line, you can simply let a gap open a bit just before the corner, carve the corner like you want and then come through and around any new gaps already holding 5-10km/h faster. With 15 to go I was feeling stronger so started to make my move up to the front. Things were a little sketch as usual (I even pulled a bit of a junior move through one corner miss judging how many riders I could move up without being a jack ass). Got to the front, missed the break, then lost my position in the sprint. The day ended up basically being a motor pacing workout. Hopefully it'll help my legs for this weekend's Ste-Marie de Beauce stage race. For this, I am motivated. Crit Friday, morning tt Saturday followed by an uphill mass start tt in the afternoon (ouch), then a nice 140km road race on Sunday. Today should be a nice tt ride to help prepare. Otherwise, not much happening.

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Anonymous said...

is life too good?
Are you on the beach or something?
why you no post?

Post some smack!
We wanta know what everyone is up to.
I ain't got time to read the damn paper, blogs are better!