Thursday, August 28, 2008

return (I swear)

Sorry for the lack of posts. Not too much worth really writing about. A couple good moments but overall some tired legs. Made a few breaks, no particular results, but overall have to say I'm at least happy with my effort. Took a week's vacation (ok, more like a couple of days between races) to rest up a bit and am now in the closing moments of this years season. Well, road season. Still got a few months of cross to help me unwind a bit. Tour of Quebec beckons, but its now a matter of getting myself prepared. Maybe another tt. Oh and that Provincial tt as we all know how much I enjoy a good 40km tt. The long weekend is nearly upon us as well, which means only one thing.... school. My final year for now so I guess I have to change a few gears to get rolling. Changes are in the work for next season. Plans are being made. If you don't own a cross bike, I suggest getting one. Heck, find an old mountain bike. Just come on out!

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Anonymous said...

do what ever pays the bills!
And brings a shit face grin to thy face.
Life is short live it.