Thursday, September 4, 2008


You hear that noise of dripping water, thats me pulling the plug on Tour of Quebec. Looks like a wicked sweet race, but my body is not into it at the moment. In fact, it needs a good rest. I have been feeling pretty bad lately in races and generally lacking a certain something. Generally at the end of the year I find you should either be coming into some form, or starting to be tired. I am tired this time. Went out to test myself last week to the tt and got the answer I knew was coming but didn't want to admit. I felt awful. Full aero gear and went just under 21. For the time my SRM was working, my power was almost 40 watts lower than I know I can hold. And my legs were "a block" as they say. That is French for "felt like &$)$*ing lead". Needless to say I am resting. Haven't touched a bike since Thursday and the tt. Don't even have one in Perth right now though I would like one. I will spend next week back riding again to test myself to see if I will be ready for tt provincials and then switch fully into cross training (aka beer drinking) and cyclo cross to wind down my year. Back at school for now and building some cool stuff.

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Anonymous said...

ain't no harm in a good rest!
I've seen people take a whole year off then come back extra strong.

Doing cyclocross?