Friday, September 12, 2008

why? I have no rational answer

I am going to tt Provincials. I'm entirely sure on my reasoning behind this still, but am registered. Some work and cleaning needs to be done to the bike (aka this afternoon's plans) but otherwise I'm pretty much ready. Even have scored myself a ridiculously stylish set of eye wear to sport. Hopefully some pictures to come. My life lately has been spent in school with randoms amounts of riding thrown in. I pretty much spent my time sharpening tools until my arms and hands hurt. I have also acquired a few new coffee machines so am having some fun in that department. A race report will come, it has been a while since one of those. And then we'll be into cross season. As a side note, it smells like fall out there.

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Mr. RWP said...

40k tt is not bad training for cross action!