Thursday, September 18, 2008


Not much really happening at the moment. School is busy. The tt pretty much sucked. 55:05 was my final time. A nice solid 7 or so minutes down on the win. Headwind out, tailwind back. I couldn't get into a rythym or find the motivation to really push. Either way, last skinny tyred race of the season. Not a great way to end, but now its time for some fun and cross. Not riding a tremedous amount at the moment. More riding when the urge hits and riding my cross bike for some general explorations. Spent 2.5 hours yesterday being generally "temporarily misplaced" (we had a general idea which way to point to get home) riding on old gravel farms roads, dirt goat tracks and generally enjoying some sun. Found some pretty cool stuff and had a blast. That is what fall riding is about right now. I don't really have the legs or mental motivation to go out and train specifically or ride a road race (let alone a tt) but cross is motivating me and these random rides are peaceful and refreshing. Who knows, maybe after I get a cross race under my belt things will change. In the mean time, life is pretty stress free.


Anonymous said...

should gather up some fellas and have an underground cx race.
At night.
Get yurself some night lights (HID!)
Then head up to the gats at night!
Some great riding to be had up there at night. Especially on a cross bike!
Hit up the 5,15,1,3 or down the 40! Great blast!

There's some pretty mild single track around town as well.
Take your cx bike and do Jack Pine just off Hunt Club near Moodie. That whole loop will take you from Jack Pine to Lime Kiln to trail 25 to the orange trail over to Kanata.
If you really want some fun, follow the trail through to Kanata Lakes, Hurry though... those trails will all be gone soon as the housing development is eating them up yum.

Can get in a great loop from mooneys through to the east end (near Orleans).
Over near the train tracks over off Riverside brings great fun. Take that until you cross McCarthy. Follow the single track path along the parkway. Jump on the parkway and to the left is an old rail line. Take it to Albion. Near Albion and the airport is a whole wack of trails. Map them out (I don't have the numbers, I think its the 14 and the 4). They will take you through to Ramsayville. Then go towards Wakley. Jump on the Mer Bleu trail to Anderton. Go towards Innes. Across from the jail is even more trail. Take it until you get to St Joesph. Then follow the gravel path to down town. Now, take the paved path along the river until you get to the old rail bridge (old Algonquin) and behind it is some sweet little path that will take you through to Carelton. Jump onto the bridge then jump back on the bike path. Hit up some of the great little trails around mooneys (yah gotta look for them).

Great ol' cx fun to be had. The way it should be - down some technical rocky stuff, jumping over trees, into the mud...

for some odd reason cyclocross has been urbanized.

When in reality, I think its routes began here:

There are many stories about the origins of cyclo-cross. One is that European road racers in the early 1900s would race each other to the next town over from them and that they were allowed to cut through farmer's fields, over fences or take any other shortcuts in order to make it to the next town first. This was a way for them to stay in shape during the winter months and put a twist on road racing. In addition, riding off road in more difficult conditions than smooth pavement increased the intensity at which the cyclists were riding and improved their on-the-road bike handling abilities.

and possibly here as well:

Either way... pay attention to some winter riding.

Anonymous said...

If you are into some real long haul riding...
take your ride from downtown. Head over the old rail bridge (it's friggen hairy!) then up the 5,15,to 1 to the firetower then down the 24 to the 40 to the 36 to the 50 to 52 to 53 then pop out at Wakefield mill. Head towards Eldelweiss. At Montange (just prior to Eldelweiss) take a left then take the first right. It's wood smoke climb. DO THAT BASTARD LIKE YOUR MOMMA IS CHASING YOU!!!
Wicked climb, especially in the winter!!!
Then hit off Montagne and follow the loop around until you hit Riviere. Its a loop in there, even if you cross over the bridge. That will take you to the Low dam. Good ride! Especially in the winter! Hilly!
Then jump back on the 105 home.

A good longgggg day of some great riding.
Do it now as the fall brings the masses to the gats! Yuk!
Cold weather keeps them away!

Fully enjoy it. Cause if we don't use them trails the poop walkers will! Then they will own them and our treat will be gone for good once that happens.
Use them up yum!

Anonymous said...

and do this sucker...
it's a biggie and it's technical...

I'm going to try to make it this year, but I'm in R&R limbo right now enjoying a year off.
(typically I'm pulling in close to 2700km around this time of year freezing my gonads off every night of the week up in the gats training training training for 3 times is enough of that!)