Thursday, September 25, 2008

What almost was...

Close call this week, I was very nearly full on sick like everyone around me seems to be. My roommates were all sick, my entire class seems to be or have been sick, and I nearly was. Had that itch in the throat, tired, the whole deal. Myself and Matt made a quick anti-sick run to stock up on Zinc lozenges, enchinacea, and ginger tea supplies and it would appear to be at bay. Knock on wood. Or at least this wood veneered Ikea desk.
I find myself laughing lately, at many things really, but especially at our Ottawa Cross scene. I love it. This is where my first bike race was. I had a Sport Chek special mountain bike and was brought out to Upper Canada Village by a certain Kiwi to try out this odd Sunday morning activity. I am quite certain I got lapped probably 3-4 times, but did so with a huge smile on my face. I don't think all that many had "actual" cross bikes and plenty cheered me on anyways. I even have a fague memory of being pulled over on the way home by a confused officer telling Kiwi that he could not motorpace a couple of dudes home. I came the next fall with a different mountain bike and got faster. Every year I came back, sometimes with a new bike, and eventually with a cross bike of my own. Now here we are, same wonderful folks organizing us every Sunday morning (though now into 2 distinct starts due to the popularity) and many new and old faces to chat with. The smack talk seems to begin earlier and earlier every year as people get more focused, training changes and people rediscover some motivation lost towards the end of a long season. This year I have seen enough pimped out cross bikes to make many a World Cup hardened vetran jealous, not to mention the owner of Stevens' Bikes very giddy. But to me, this is the same series as when I first started, first timers welcome, everyone has fun, and don't bunny hop the barriers. I say lets go have some fun. Whether your goals extend beyond Ottawa or whether you simply want to beat that nemesis you battled so hard last year (heck, why not simply find a nemesis) common out. Even to just watch. I'll be the dude in white and orange with a ridiculous smile plastered on my face, come say hi.
And while you're at it, thank Bob, Cheryl, and Ian for all their work and dedication over the years. Heck, help set up or tear down even.
Ottawa Cyclocross

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Anonymous said...

should also include some underground races...
Many places have them... we don't seem to though...

This fine gem in Virgina is suppose to be one fine gem:

Anyhow, it is a multi-day stage race completely underground. Some days are on a road bike hitting up some grueling single and double track. I heard they do 50-60km/h going down gravel. Any tire larger than 700x28 is laughed upon!

We should have the same here one weekend.
Would consist of heading to the hills over the river.

Friday night - night ride till yah wet your drawers. Would consist of hitting up the hill from around Gamelin on the 5 then the 15 to the 1 to the firetower then down the 40 up the 2 down the 3 to the 32 to CF up the 4 down the 1 to the 15 to the 5. Race would start near dawn. Need lights (HID preferably, but to each their own really!). Cross bike!
entry 15 bucks. Winner takes the pot!

Saturday - would consist of a grueling gravel road loop in Wakefield starting from the old wooden bridge to Montange via river road then to Newcommon then to the Low dam. Crossing over the 105 then working through to the highway back to wakefield. Would be about 100km of gravel mostly.
Cross or road bike. No larger than 700x25 tires allowed.
Entry: 15 bucks. Winner takes pot. KOM takes part of pot (Woodsmoke climb).

Sunday: would consists of a cyclocross sort of race at mooneys bay. Except we are using some of the fine trail that starts over by billings bridge. Parallel to Riverside is a trail that crosses over the tracks then ends up in the park. There is also some trail on the other side of baseline. Loop would consist of the trail north of baseline and the trail south of baseline including the stair climb and the hill climb. Starts early in the morning to avoid people traffic (7am).
Cost 10 bucks. 5 loops. No barriers, just trees and shit... all natural stuff...
winner takes pot.

That would be a pretty smooth weekend of fun!
tear your eye ball out sort of weekend fun!
the hurt.