Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This one is for Sheri

It was recently brought to my attention by an alert reader that I have neglected this outflow of my thoughts for a period of time. Perhaps too long. On the other hand I have done very little other than be sick, rest and not ride my bike. In fact until today it had been slightly over a week. School has been busy, and generally I have been taking advantage of this fall rest period. I did race the first OBC race at Brittania. Things didn't go as planned, though it was not due to a lack of training. Maybe more due to a lack of sleep and an untimely first lap crash removing me of use of my front brake. This lead to a chain of events. And by events, I mean more crashing. Though may I add, I crash with panache. I skipped the madison due to some bailing partners, a few beers too many the evening before and some lingering sickness. Either way, some time away from just riding has done me some good. But alas, I can only stay away from my 2 wheels for so long. And so without further adieu, I bring you a new season.
Step 1: Find a team. EVA-Devinci is no more. Too bad, another good team is now a memory. Good times were had, and I'll miss those boys. Though I'm sure we'll see each other around. Cycling really is a small world.
Step 2: Ride my bike. I started again today. Another day of gravel road exploration. Some sun and good times. Training this time of the year really has no structure. Do something active. I also hand planed a 12 ft 7 inch x 7 inch pine beam today. That would be 2 hours of pretty decent aerobic work. Plus my arms will be huge in no time.
Enough has been said about Svein (not that his incredible ride doesn't deserve it) and the dopers, so I'm going to keep this post upbeat, and on track. I'll leave you with some pictures to make up for the lack of posting on my part.


Anonymous said...

Cycling ain't easy...
Seen the best of them fall down flat

cancer recently hit this world class athlete (biked with her and hubby in Costa Rica 3 years back)
They pretty much lost everything...

really wanted to make it to the Olympics this year... didn't make the cut... a shambles to his career pretty much.

Trish Stevenson (busted her neck). She was up there with Susan Haywood of Trek racing who recently busted her leg ending her last year of racing (retiring).

And Marg Fedyna (good pal of mine who I communicate with regularly to make sure she's alright) went through a tough year after over doing it last year. Only so many staged races the body can handle then it shuts down. She was bed ridden for a good 3 months and is still recovering. Amazing amazing rider.

As for Lance, I attended a race this year... he took a nasty wipe out on a wet bridge and hasn't been seen since.

so after all that... my point - cycling ain't easy. Many fall victim to injury when near the top.
Can only sit there for so long till injury takes over or get bumped...
Gotta make the best of it when you can. Win some yah loose some.

Amazing riders though:
Lance - I've never met him. But, it is truly amazing that he took 7 tours.
Tinker http://www.tinkerjuarez.com/
I've had a chance to chat with him.
He reminds me of this live muscle fiber! Amazing how pumped he is about the sport still. After 30 years of racing! He's around 48 now! And, still kick'n butt!
Truly amazing rider he is.

Anonymous said...

opps... Chris Eatough as well...
But, its hard to chat it up with him.
Tried to get a good conversation going with him a couple of times, but he's kinda to himself I guess...
Fantastic rider though. Amazing.
7 wins in the 24hr solo


he's still kickn' but he's a family man now and I don't think he has as much time to donate to the sport anymore.
I like his comment though:
"you really have to like the sport"
ain't that the truth...

sheri J said...

Thanks for posting again Sandy. You missed a great race in Almonte this weekend. I'm working on the Asthma info for you now that my other project is over. Good Luck with the team situation for next year.