Wednesday, October 29, 2008


You have got to be kidding me. Needless to say, this motivation stuff is being tested. By tested I mean I'm going to ride the rollers. Not too much else to report so far this week. Working on team stuff for next season (and starting to get pretty damn excited about it), some homework, some food and generally enjoying myself. Hopefully this snow will be gone by tomorrow so I can spend some time riding outside again. I have an itch for a nice long ride. I'll sign off with a few photos courtesy of Joel and his dad. If you feel the need to see hundreds of pictures from any race Joel attends, check them out.

Notice the smiles. Nothing like some bicycle derbys in the mud to get back in the game.

Checks that crowd. Plus it looks like I am actually going fast.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of good riding!
I've been riding to/from work for the past couple of days. Roads are dry.
Plans are to head out to Low this weekend. Help someone install some solar panels then bike back via gat trail system on the cyclocross bike.
Then Sunday, hit the gats (if no more snow on the parkway... just fantastic last weekend. No vehicles! Lots of cyclists. Truly enjoyed it!).
Might bike to the gats hit up a trail run then bike home after some eats at the fine eatery in Chelsea (new joint that accomodates cyclists at corner of Scott and Meech road).

ride'r mon! Still some good riding to be had.
Plan on night riding next week on the warm fall nights (I hope).
Get some night lights (HID), join in!