Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Back in Perth, had a pretty decent day (not excellent due to my being in class instead of truely enjoying this) weather. Not to mention that the smoke alarm has been going off in the house for ohhhhhh.... about 2 HOURS. Not fun. And before any smart asses start questioning why I don't just take the battery out... this pos is hard wired in. And any removal or fiddling will make it worse. I have however tried punching it, and calling the alarm company. Quote of the day; "Yes Mr. Fulton, the technician has been notified already..... (me) Is this the same one you notified TWO HOURS AGO????". Needless to say, I'm a little grumpy. I did manage to squeeze in a pretty glorious 1.5 hours spinning between classes. Next up, I'll be putting my hammering skills to use by breaking a small noisy white box.

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