Friday, November 21, 2008

Frozen bottles.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to still be riding outside and all... but my poor bottles only got 45 minutes into my ride today, and 1.5 hours in on Wednesday. Oddly, the halfway point each time. 'Tis the season I suppose, and I should learn a lesson and put the water bottle shuffle into effect. On a separate note, I've found a place to ski near Perth so am actually a little excited for snow. A change of pace this year with slightly less mindless hours on the trainer. That and an increased school load will mean more quality and focused rides I think instead of the long hours I rolled out last winter. Busy sourcing out racing plans at the moment, and have some stuff nearly ironed out. I may have to make some phone calls this weekend to confirm before any real announcements come, but it would appear Europe is in my future again. Almost wish I could just hop the Atlantic right now... Otherwise life is pretty good. Welcome to another Canadian winter.

Ps - here is my new motivational picture. I look at this when I think I don't want to ride. It makes me want to suffer. Got any other good ones to share? Send them my way. We'll make a scrap book of winter motivation.

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Anonymous said...

no pics just vids
-- neat site from COlorado...
These boys and girls ride all winter!!!
Not sure why we don't have more winter riders in ottawa!!!

sometimes this guy rides in the winter...