Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This just in (very exciting).... coffee helps boost recovery too! Not only can endurance be boosted with that pre-ride cup of joe, but now a cup post ride will help with the replenishment of those old glycogen stores. Thank you Mrs. Ryan of Velonews for making my morning. Wisdom teeth (or lack thereof) are also doing pretty well, little tender at times but I am ignoring it and forging ahead. Unfortunately, real Canadian fall weather has arrived so I had to bundle up for my 3 hours today. Pretty damn good ride though. Note, when the weather man says 3, try harder to find booties and warm gloves. Nothing a hot shower and some coffee couldn't fix though. Feels damn good to be getting back into a training grove though. Not sure I'll have the time for the hours I was putting in on the turbo last winter, but I certainly intend for a good winter of quality miles. Hell, I gotta be ready for what the next spring brings....

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