Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Crunch time is here for me. I have made a deal with myself however, I will take part in a minimum of 1 hour of training each day. Its been hard to get in the grove with so much else going on. So far so good. Riding the rollers, running, whatever. Hopefully this week will do me over until exams in 2 weeks. So many papers, but getting there. Who knew carpentry involved so much reading and writing? Felt that tingle in my throat today so spent most of the day drinking tea, working, napping and eating soup. I think that my spicy thai soup this evening should finish off whatever is trying to invade me. It certainly cleared my sinuses. Hopefully going to go look into xc skiing around Perth tomorrow to mix things up a bit. I hear there are trails around. Then what do you know, its almost the weekend again. Time does fly. Looks like team related news will have to wait until Christmas holidays as I really don't have time to deal with everything right now. And I need to use that time to ride so I don't get the boots handed to me too badly.


Anonymous said...

fantastic riding today. I was on the SS mtb. Got in 46km worth of trail. I gotta thank the walkers. Sometimes they are a blessing in disguise. MTB + walkers on trails typically don't mix all that well.
But, if yah head up in the early morning or late afternoon, its not too bad (knock on wood or whatever).
I might hit up hwy 105 to the 366 to the 307 tomorrow if it isn't too wet, 100km of riding.
How many kms you got on this year?

sandyf said...

no idea. don't really keep track. I use the good times scale. and I had plenty of those.