Saturday, November 29, 2008

math....the bane of my existence

How did carpentry end up involving so many papers and math issues? I don't know. But at least I'm sticking to minimal training guidelines set out last week. Oh, and the rollers are becoming fun again. This could be trouble. That and I have discovered that my new riding show of choice (How I met your mother) is onto season 4, with about 25 episodes a season. That should at least get me through December. If only Californication and Entourage would pick up the slack...
Next step. Win the lottery. I figure its the only and most logical solution to living life as a non-working member of society. Otherwise I need to figure out how to go on the EI... Though I hear you need a job and to get fired from that job. To be fair, I get fired often. I just keep showing up. PS. This post was about nothing. I was just bored an in that blog kind of mood.


LukeS said...

you have to be actively pusuing work to go on ei... so no luck there. you could always be an assasin

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,

I'm an OBC member and just sent you a private bulleting board message about that kit you had posted for sale. I'm def interested. Can you drop me an email about it? (Email address is in the bulletin board post...)

Thx. e