Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yes, I am aware that I still have a week of exams (no I'm not fully certain of exact dates or times) but the point is I'm done my papers. 62 pages of writing, architectural drawings and some pictures. More hours than I care to count invested in this. How does someone like me celebrate you might ask? Well, let me tell you: I ride a bike. Then drink a Guinness. A couple of hours on the rollers followed by a quality stout and nothing. I am intending to do nothing tonight for the first time in a while. Perhaps I will continue this trend into the weekend. But add in a ski and maybe a ride. Good times. One more week of school, then 3 weeks of training, friends and family. I'd go into some kind of feelings about the current state of our economy, but to be honest that is getting overdone a bit and this blog was certainly not created with any political reasons. So draw your own conclusions and theories with the ample other resources to be found. I'm going back to enjoying my Guinness and enjoying my peace.

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Anonymous said...

I'd go into some kind of feelings about the current state of our economy

--i'd be kind of worried.
Your generation will be hit hard by it all.
I was in the same situation back in the 90s. Got out of school.
Zero jobs. Even sent out resumes willing to work for free.
Still nothing. Went back to school for another 3 years.

I hate the way the brainless farts in power (not just politicians, but government and corporations) run the show.
My dad got burnt hard from it in the 80s (he was an electrician, built his own house while working a 60 hour week.) We lost everything in the 80s.

A lot of people get burnt from the brainless ways the upper echelon does things.

Especially athletes. As funding will dry up (first to go off a company's books is R&D, charity contributions, etc...)