Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Been busy. Mostly in the shop working on some Christmas projects. Little riding too of course. Not nearly enough skiing. Not only that, but I hear that 'tis the season for some lactate testing. But first I have some gift receiving/ giving to go through. Not to mention some serious turkey consumption. Good times. Also worth note, and mildly exciting... there are 26 minutes until Christmas day. So on that note, I'll leave you with another promise of more regular blogging. And some attempts to make my life more exciting. But not prison exciting, that may put a damper on other aspects of life.

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Anonymous said...

how many kms you got in for the year?
how many of those are inside vs outside?
(always admire those still riding in the winter - WICKED! Cause it ain't easy. My pawls were freezing last day causing my cog to spin like a wild monkey!)
spinning inside is easy.
outside is tough.
This is canada though, winter is tough.