Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas comes and goes

It came with food, and left with the stomach flu. Though I did manage to pack in many a good meal before this debilitating round with the flu. 24 hour bug type thing it appears, as other than being slightly tired today, I am fine. With a family including no young children, the meaning has changed over the last few years; going from Santa, presents and pictures, to family, food and pictures. No matter how hard I try, I think there is no getting out of documenting a family affair while trying to remember how to put the camera on timer. On the other hand, you capture some truly golden moments when people are not paying attention. My plans for skiing the last few days have been torn up through rain, porcelain clutching and other engagements but life does go on. Today will have a few hours spent on the rollers after spending my morning cleaning out the basement making room for bikes, new tools and generally me. Only a week left of holidays I think, then back to school and some good hard training to get the year really going. Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays,
Merry Festivus... the holiday for the rest of us!

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