Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Exams are in swing here. 2 down, 2 to go. I'm not super stressed or anything and still riding, but that does take up some time. Got out for my first xc ski of the year on Sunday and had a pretty damn good time, though it was pretty short. I'll put up a post in a few with team details and riding plans for the year in the coming week, but suffice to say - I'm pumped. On a separate note, I hate Telus. 'Tis the time of the month to call and complain about being misbilled again, and I've had enough. Not to mention their hold music (I was on the phone, mostly on hold) consists of 2 of my least favourite things in the world: christmas music and Rachel Ray's voice. I love christmas but I also have a low tolerance for christmas music. So when a rendition of Jingle Bells came on with what sounded like Rachel Ray screeching the lyrics, I nearly lost it. Luckily I get to ride to my exams today in the snow storm, and riding out of control in snow storms is truely wicked. A movie and a roller ride is probably in store for tonight, and then one more exam on Thursday before moving back to Ottawa for a few weeks of holidays. I'm currently working on building back up my trusty Stevens Vuelta to its glory which is pretty exciting in my books. Thanks to the generous support of Stevens I'll be back on these fine German machines again for '09...

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Anonymous said...

Mon, whatcha going to do if the housing market falls apart?
(I was kind of in the same situation you were in after high school some (many) years back...)
Got out of school, worked for DND repairing big diesel engines for emergency power stations...
Then decided to try the trades and did carpentry...
Whole market fell apart in the 90s.
Went back to school for 5 years.
Glad I did.

If you want some advice:
here are some fields that will always (most likely be) there:
chef - everyone needs a good cook. I've yet to see a chef out of work.
biotech - soon it will have to boom (we live off of boom and bust economies... friggen sucks because many get caught in the mess of it all as we are seeing now).
automobile mechanic - we will always have some sort of transportation needs in Canada. It's cold. Transportation consumes billions upon billions of tax dollars. Huge industry.

just a few...
Just thought I'd give you some of these.
I know many don't want to hear the bad stuff and shun away from it. A bad thing to do. For, if the rain hits your door step, many don't have a game plan in place (alternatives).

Have a game plan is the best approach.
The next couple of years are going to be hell.
and, unfortunately, your generation has to take the brunt of it.
(yet, if you were about 3 years born earlier, you'd have it made... I know plenty of people who are in their early 20s in the government making well over 85k a year right out of school)