Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update on nothing

First up. For those nervous about why I have not been posting exciting and cool news... sorry. I just don't have much. I have been spending more time then I ever thought possible doing school related stuff. I'm pretty sure that in the last 3 weeks, I have done more school work than I have in the entire rest of my academic career. On the plus side, I don't half-ass anything. On the negative side, this time last year I was riding 20 hours a week outside with not a worry in the world. Given, I am probably still the most stress free person you have ever met. Time is tight so my training is going commando, I am getting itchy to train. Snuck out for a hike on Sunday in the Gats, ran today for an hour (running does suck, but requires less light than riding) and will hopefully ride again tomorrow to prepare for the Kingston cross race this weekend. I love the Kingston course from last year, and will attempt to avoid the same hospital visit after. Hopefully see some of you there!

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Anonymous said...

training is going commando

dude, don't do it!
Wearing underpants is essential!