Friday, May 29, 2009


So the race last night was super fun, and pretty much a 1 hour moto pacing session minus the motor bike. It is literally run on a 900m outdoor velodrome. Banked corners and all. Needless to say, it is some fast and fun racing. It was a small pack and a hot evening, about 40 riders showed up to start with a few strong boys. We raced well and I attempted to stick myself into as many moves as possible and be off the front as much as I could. See, the thing is... the race is run as a points race. Basically just like track riding, but with gears. But you only really use your 53x11-13. Got in a few moves to claim some sprint points, botches my finishing sprint (hard to figure out how the pack moves) but had a good time. Was solo for a while before being worked over by a 3 time Irish National champ (Junior & Espoir). No one told me at the time, but he flies when he wants to. Rolled with him in what I was sure was the winning move when we left with 12 to go only to be caught with 5 to go. It is hard to stay away on a track that fast. Next up was the arrival of Chelsea's parents for a visit (the first of many visits for a busy month) and a wicked stop by the local market for some fresh goodies.
Today marks the start of Tour des Vallees, what is a pretty important race for the team and I'm pretty excited to mix it up in search of some results. We kick things off with a mountain road race today, tt tomorrow morning, another mountain road race in the afternoon, followed by one more hard day in the mountains Monday morning. 3 days, 4 stages. No crit! I won't have a computer with me for the race, so you'll have to wait for a full report come Monday or so. Enjoy your weekends as well, if I remember correctly its Charlevoix weekend. Ouch.

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