Thursday, May 7, 2009


Life is good. Cheese is cheep (3 Euro for a round of Brie) and wine is cheeper (2 Euro). Many things are expensive here, but not those. I told Yannick that a round of brie would cost me $12 at home. He was outraged. In fact, I think he still thinks I was pulling his chain. The place is great, our own little apartment by the house, a pool, a view of les bas-alpes, and plenty of narrow road riding. In fact, just got back from a little recovery spin before heading out for the afternoon wandering around Antibes & Cannes on the Med. Yesterday was my first long-ish ride with close to 4 hours and some pretty decent climbing. Myself, Matt (from Sask), and Ed from England headed out with Erik (an older guy from the club) for a nice tour. Erik knows these roads far too well so we had an excellent route with a couple of good climbs. Or flat, as Erik explained for here. Was unaware that 10-12km climbs were flat. Such is life. Got a pretty packed race schedule as well, with several Elite stage races coming up. First race should still be this Saturday, and then maybe Sunday as well. Just sorting out my new French liscence. I have a few pictures so far, but not many. So will try to post a few up tonight after our exploration.

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