Saturday, May 23, 2009

How big a deal am I?

I go places. Like last night, we went to Cannes (Chels, Ed, & I) to check out a free concert on the beach put on by the film festival. We decided to eat some pizza for dinner, and as we were checking out a menu a lady asked us an odd question, "Are you english?". Canadian, I replied. "Great, what are your plans tonight? As I am here for the Festival and really want to head home tonight but have these 4 tickets for the big party on the beach tonight if you are interested? I have been waiting here to here someone talk english to give them too." Needless to say, we declined and went home. Wait, no. We took them with many thanks (she really wanted to get home quick as she wouldn't even sit for a drink with us) and ate some pizza. After some exploring of fancy areas, we found the Hotel Magestic directly next to the red carpet and Palais du Festival. Not in tuxes and dresses as most, we walked up, handed our tickets to security and were waved through with a "bonne soire monsieur et madame". The beach party was rocking! Probably half a dozen open bars were we took advantage of free Champagne, wines, liquors and beer on the beach, on the dock... Amazing. Plus the free munchies! I didn't really spot many famous people, but I also wasn't really looking too hard. As the party wound down (pretty late) we figured we may be out of luck for getting home, so we headed back to sleep of the festivities on the beach. My neck hurts, but I'm still pretty happy. Watched the sun rise over the Med this morning from the beach before hopping back in the car and heading for home. Ed took photos, so I'll try to get some if they turn out. Now I need to spin the legs and nap a bit to help prepare for the race tomorrow.

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