Sunday, May 17, 2009

Du progresssion

That's what its all about, learning, adapting and improving. My legs seem to get better every day, which was a good thing today. Big field started on a rolling course with some good wind and one long-ish climb. We went from the gun single file all the way to the climb and then field shattered a bit on the climb. I was riding well, but positioned too far back at the start of the climb so had to put my head down and bleed out the eyes for most of it. Ended up just off the back of the lead over the top and after a tough chase got into a chase group and made it back to the pack just in time for the base of the climb again. Lost track of how many times we went over the damn thing... By the end our group was down to about 50 guys with a small group of 4-5 away as we motored the last 10km back into town for the sprint. Only 3 of us from the team were left in the front group so we were pretty unorganized and I did my own thing. Complicated thing this French sprinting it turns out. Basically everyone in the pack swarms towards the front, driving the pace up at least, gets swapped and then swarms back up again. A bit of a rythym, and I tried my best to stay top 20 watching for signs of how much more was left. I was sure were getting close (saw town signs) and then suddlenly 200m to go sign. Merde alors! Sprinted with the pack, but no way to move up much. Finished just behind the break in about the top 20 of the sprint. Not too bad I guess, though a couple of signs denoting KMs to go would have been nice for us foreigners. Had to dig deep a couple of times today but the legs are feeling better and better under effort. Got a col filled race coming up on Thurday in Nice, then Tour de la Faylede this weekend. 31km ttt the first day and then 138km road race the next with 4 GPM points. Time to turn up the suffer. Needless to say, tomorrow will be an easy day. Maybe a bit of beach relaxation?

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