Thursday, May 28, 2009

A crit in France?

Where to begin. It has been a couple of days. On Tuesday, Ed swung by for a long ride in the mountains. With Tour des Vallees this weekend, we were looking for a long ride in the mountains to prepare and do a little reconing. Ed had a route worked out and the map, so all that was left for me was to ride. Not the most beautiful of days, in fact one of the only overcast days I have experienced in the last month here, but that made for better riding in fact as it kept the heat in check. Over the next 5 hours we climbed many thounsands of feet up into the mist and clouds with 2 sustained cols of 1 hour + each. Up first to Caussols, down to St. Cezaire, straight up to Mons, rolling to Andon, and then back along a nice rolling descent home. Of course with a nice final little 5-6km kicker at the end. The "little kicker" also became a good ol' fashioned half wheeling contest to see who could crack the other after 4+ hours in the saddle. No real winner/loser on the climb though I did manage to put him in a spot of bother in the last km. A little rain blew through during my afternoon nap (or so I'm told) before the sun re-appeared in time for dinner on the patio. Yesterday was an easy 2 hours to prepare and recover for today's race. The afternoon was spent in the sun doing chores as laundry needed to be done, bikes to be cleaned and cheese to be eaten.
Preparations are ongoing here as there is another Canadian arriving today (Jannes from Sask.) as well as Matt's parents. Needless to say, it is going to be busy. Did I mention we are all racing a major stage race starting Saturday? Oh, and Chelsea's parents arrive bright and early tomorrow. Speaking of which, I have cleaning to do. A qucik spin first though to prepare the legs, as the crit is an evening affair with an 8pm start time. And as we ARE in France, I have no doubt 8pm has an asterix next to it and we'll be up and running closer to 9pm. Better bring some clear lenses for my glasses!

GPM on the road up to Mons.

French style parking spot ont he Mons climb. Road is max the width of a standard City of Ottawa bike path.

Gourdon. Along the climb up to Cassols.

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Anonymous said...

Classic Paris-Nice stuff! At least it's downhill all the way into Cannes...