Thursday, May 21, 2009


Quality time and suffering is paying off. In a hard race over 3 cols (Col de Nice, Col de Brosse, & Col de Brisse) I managed to pull off a 11th place finish out sprinting my chase group companions. The race shattered as usual with some incredible tempo and accelerations on the first col, I had placed myself well and fought hard at the base of the climb which helped a lot. About halfway up (it was about 10-12km) I succumed out of the lead group of 15 under some heavy accelerations and found myself in a small (3 man chase group). The last 5km of the climb set pace and suffered more than I can remember doing for a long time. 3km of switchbacks followed by 2km of pretty steep finished off the climb. Over the top we were a group of 4 chasing through the descent and through the valley. By the final climb my legs were starting to roll better and better after a lot of pace work through the valley below and the other climb. We caught a couple more guys along the first pitches before I realized that our group was back down to 4 of us with the leaders about 1 min up the road. Over the top things got a little hairy as 2 of the Frenchmen decided to take some risks on the descent and one of course promptly bit it in the first corner. He got back up and continued with us. I left a small gap and followed along. With 10-12km to the finish after we hauled through into Italy looking for the signs to anounce the end (there was spray paint saying 600) or the leading group. Never caught them but I took the sprint over the little 1km finishing flase flat. Oddly, I wished it were longer. Yannick was so happy after he hugged me. Fair enough. Ate a little, changed up and then hopped into the pool at home. All in all, a good day on the bike. Hopefully followed by a good dinner. Chels bought some bunny to eat this week, but more on that later.


Anonymous said...

Yannick Let yo Swim in the Pool!??


sandyf said...

man, it was his idea! maybe he had a couple of aperitifs during the race?? haha